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English Department

In accordance with the national curricular requirements laid down for college English majors, all our syllabus for the subjects concerned are well designed and applied accordingly. Modification is done regularly with a view to annual placement demands of the society. The major courses taken by the students are generally divided into liberal courses, such as Physical Training, Philosophical Discourses, Military Training, all together accounting for 20% credits. Essential language courses, such as English Grammar, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, English Lexicology, and advanced language courses, such as Advanced English, English Literature, General Knowledge, Interpretation, and Translation, all together accounting for 46% credits. Cultural and Custom knowledge accounts for 11% credits. Two specialties, I International Trade Program and International Convention and Exposition Program, account for 8% credits. Professional Social Practices account for 15% credits. The total credits are 177 credits. This entire curriculum contributes to the cultivation of the English language aptitudes as well as the two specialties of the students.

In addition to English lessons, there are other courses taken by major students, such as Business Negotiation, International Trading, International Trade Practices, Foreign Trade Correspondence, Marketing, all of which are concerned with the subject of I International Trade Program. As to I International Convention and Exposition Program, some other courses are attached, such as Exposition and Trade Fairs, International Convention Planning, Exhibition Management Practices and so on. As opposed to classroom teaching, certain amount of other kinds of professional social practices is also applied to ensure teaching qualities.